Welcome to my fluting website. I have used the title “SpunSilver” for many years because of the images it conjures in my mind with relation to what I do.

To me, the most beautiful and emotional thing about the flute is that the sound is pure breath and air. . . Life. . . That rush in the sound is what communicates the very essence of what it is to play.  So I allow the air to sing, to spin, and I put a silver lining on it, to refine the beauty.

Spun Silver.

Texture. Emotion. Music.

I tell a story with every piece I play.  Spinning a good yarn, twisting, turning, drawing the listener in.

Weaving the musical lines in and out with whomever I am playing with, creating a fabric of warmth, depth and sheer beauty.

Spun Silver.

2 thoughts on “SpunSilver”

  1. So inspiring…….!

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